If you use English in business
or while studying and would like
to enjoy making a big improvement
Face to Face English will work for you

Very often, learning English in a small group can increase its enjoyment and lead to higher attainment. Whilst not being so tailored to individuals it can facitlate learning,through interaction around common interests.

Businesses often find group learning particularly appropriate since participants share the same broad goals yet can be guided towards constructing role-play situations that they face in their working lives.

Equally, school and university students can combine themselves in small groups to experience the same value of lively interaction

To preserve a high degree of individual attention, groups normally consist of no more than six . Learning usually takes place at the participants' place of work .

Face to Face English is based in the real world ! Our tutors are widely experienced in business with children of young adult and school ages. Teaching is rooted in the practical application of English, not the rigid structure of a textbook or CD.