If you use English in business
or while studying and would like
to enjoy making a big improvement
Face to Face English will work for you

Like it or not, it is hard to deny the prominence of English as the global language of business. Equally, in beautiful France, it's important to communicate with many thousands of visitors who come each year.

English also pervades the internet. Online enquiries will come to you in English from all parts of the world. You need to understand nuances and be able to respond clearly. It is also worthwhile having your website in English.

Examples of typical businesses requiring our services include:

•  Hotels & restaurateurs who would like their staff to communicate confidently with English speakers and to increase their share of visitor stays

•  Estate Agents who are negotiating with English speakers to allow more rapid understanding of customer needs and to establish an early rapport

•  Tourism Agencies to enhance the way in which they talk to English speakers on the internet and in their tourist information centres

•  Businesses who have customers in English-speaking countries and who wish to enhance their relationships and improve sales

Face to Face English is well practised in designing courses for small groups of up to six participants, making each programme relevant to the needs of individual businesses. If you would like to explore the possibilities, please contact us so that we can help you decide whether we can help in the success of your business.