If you use English in business
or while studying and would like
to enjoy making a big improvement
Face to Face English will work for you

If you can imagine living and breathing English from the time you wake to the time you say goodnight, you’ll have an idea of the depth of the 1-to-1 experience provided by Face to Face English.

Our courses are not based on learning from textbooks or CDs. Over a six-night stay in a family environment, you will have a richly structured programme evolved to meet your needs whilst enjoying interaction in every aspect of English family life.

For part of each day, you will work with your tutor on a carefully chosen project. At other times you will use your improving English to take an active part in busy home life. Your new-found confidence will help you converse with ease in social settings and perhaps take part in more lively evening discussions around the dinner table.

We guide you to a project to form the basis of your learning. If you're interested in journalism you'd be encouraged to create a newspaper. A business person could prepare a creative proposal to senior managers. It might be angled towards local tourism, estate agency, international sales or a hobby.